Friday, August 18, 2006

On Standby

Jase is not blogging as much at the present time (see this related post) but do not fear, he will be back.

I've noticed that after playing WoW a fair bit, he's now back playing Oblivion and X3 again in his spare time. This is not a great deal of time as presently we are both very busy at work and I am getting ever closer to my exam (so to aid studying Jase is on baby sitting duties at home).

Sorry for the disruption to normal services but all will be better after November is out of the way.

Oh, and I've decided to blog in a different colour to avoid confusion!

1 comment:

GF said...

It seems it was only me who ever got confused, but thanks for the 'colour nod'

I will notice this time, I'm sure.