Monday, May 21, 2007

We have the Technology!

I have gotten so used to having webmail, that I never really explored "other options" as far as checking my email when away from home.
Since Combined have blocked webmail on their internet servers I have finally been forced to review other options.
Friday afternoon had me on the phone to Orange and I now have my phone configured for GPRS and my ancient Dell PDA configured to use a Bluetooth modem. I can now download the headers to my PDA via my mobile and delete all your spam / choose what I want to read / knock out a few replies that I don't want to go via work.

Next step is for me to configure our laptop to do the same and work out how to use the same process when abroad.


GF said...

I was about to ask why you didn't just use your PDA to download the headers directly but I forgot that my old PDA had communications hardware in it and could be used as a phone.


James said...

Who is Hugh Bonneville?

And no, I can't be bothered to google him. ;-)

Jase said...

I bought a Bluetooth add-on for my PDA (CF Card) especially for this purpose well over a year ago (God Bless EBay), but never got round to getting it working!

Hugh Bonneville:
Bernie the useless Finance guy in "Notting Hill" amongst other films and TV series. He is very tall in real life!

James said...

Cheers! :)

GF said...

Well I've spent a very long time thinking 'where the hell did that random question come from?' - then when I moved the comment box it stopped blocking my view of the 'Celebrity of the week' title!!

Was very confused...

...anyway what I meant was, not bluetooth but actual GPRS capability within the unit itself.

Jase said...

Yeah - I got what you meant... was just expanding further on my slackness!