Thursday, May 31, 2007

Feelings of Guilt

My friend Sheena applied for the job that I am now doing. Obviously she didn't get it, despite being interviewed the day before me. At the time I felt really guilty about it as she has two small kids and lives just up the road from where I now work.
Today she rang out of the blue to say that she got another job just up the road from here. Ironically it is another job that I applied for, and turned down the interview when I accepted this role.
We had a nice lunch today and my feelings of guilt melted away!

Now I just need to work out how guilty I would feel if I stuck a £300 piece of technology* on my credit card... or perhaps more accurately how guilty Serena would make me feel!

* In Scotland this item sounds really small!


Jase said...

I can't do it!
I seem to have internalised Serena!

GF said...

What do you mean it sounds small in Scotland!!?!? Do you mean £300 in Scotland is nothing to spend on Technology or are you expecting me to tell you spend it!?

What is / was said piece of Technology?

Jase said...

'Nough said I hope as you missed the "joke"!

GF said...

Oh that is awful!! Admittedly whenever I hear it I think pish.

Who would name their (supposedly great product) after pish?

Jase said...

Wep! My decision means that I won't be able to blog about playing with my "Wii Wand"!

Jase said...

Wep??? I meant Yep!