Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Birthday Greetings

So today is my Mum's Birthday & is also Julian's Birthday.


I'll be polite to them and not mention any ages!


Dave Richards said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope the day is filled with loads of fun and laughter...enjoy your special day and may there be happiness for you always!!!!

GF said...

Is it me, or is that the most random comment, only it's not random.

How on earth did he find that post? RSS filter perhaps?

Anyway, I'm glad you never mentioned my age either, though I am an ickle bit younger than you... ;)

Jase said...

The older we get the ickler the gap!
PS I agree!

GF said...

Surely the gap is still the same length, it's simply that we perceive the 'age gap' of maturity to reduce (or recede in some cases) ;)

Jase said...

So at the current rate when do you overtake me? :P