Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Movie Roundup

Time again for another round up of a few of the movies I have been watching recently.

Credible Sci-Fi Triller, but completely loses the plot towards the end. My nuclear physics may be a bit rusty but I was still going "Eh?" a bit too much!

Underworld Evolution
Kate Beckinsale is still a very sexy vampire, but again the plot of this film is just rubbish. I am glad I waited to see it on Sky as it wasn't worth paying good money to see.

I watched the first 15 minutes on Sky+ and then deleted it. I could tell this wasn't going to be up my street at all!

Snakes on a Plane
Brilliant - completely cheesy and plotless. A perfect way to unwind whilst studying for my exams!

Not as good as the hype at the time suggested. I loved Nathan Fillion though, as he plays a similar character to that in Firefly. A bit more tense than SoaP, but still good plain cheesy fun.

Mission Impossible III
Complete waste of time. I still think the first one was far and away the best and the rest were just poorly conceived. Both sequals were only worth watching for their female content!

And now for the big finale....

Spiderman 3
Hmmmm... This is a toughy. The film tries to do too many things. It feels like Sam Raimi was trying to do an Action Film, a Comedy Film and a Romantic Drama, but only had budget for 150 minutes of cinema time, so he squeezed out something that missed on all three.
The action is OK and the CG is vastly improved, so that Spidey no longer is obviously fake, however the action is too fast, so that everything becomes a blur. I miss the old days of slow-mo kung fu!
The comedy bits are straight "set pieces" which look a bit like they were penned by a separate writer. They do work and they are funny, but I am not convinced that they fit into the film very well.
The romance is awful! If I were MJ I would have kicked Spidey in the nads quite early on and told him to F#CK OFF!
As a bit of a comic book fan, I did enjoy the film over-all, but I don't think it is as good as numbers 1 and 2.


GF said...

Well you beat me to my Spidey 3 movie review!!!

I thought the comedy set pieces were cringe-worthy. I thought MJ was put upon a lot, though Kirsten Dunst doesn't get uglier as the films go on.

The first half of the movie was painfully slow, but the 2nd half was really good. Why bring so many 'enemies' into the film, when both 1 & 2 had only one a piece?

Still worth seeing though, and agree about the CG

GF said...

As for Underworld Evolution, well yes it's a crap script but as you rightly said, for Kate I could watch the film again and again and again....

....and probably again too.

GF said...

SAW is an amazing film!!

What made you think it wasn't your type of film? Was it because it seemed to be Horror? It's not, it's actually extremely like The Bone Collector and definitely worth watching.

Jase said...

When a man sticks his hand into a toilet full of poo, I reckon I am on a loser!

GF said...

So what about Trainspotting when the man climbed into the toilet full of poo? Did you keep watching?

Jase said...

I have a problem with Poo and Puke. I don't like that bit in Trainspotting, nor the bit when the baby crawls across the ceiling - too freeky for me - but then I don't understand peoples' need to do drugs either!
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