Wednesday, May 30, 2007

An Early "Happy Birthday"!

Since the whole family are upping sticks and heading off to Barcelona next week, I need to get a few pieces of admin out of the way over the next few days.

Firstly "Happy Birthday Gareth"! I know I am a couple of weeks early, but I'll be away and I would have missed it!

I have spent literally minutes agonising over your present and decided that I could prove GK wrong about one of her earlier comments...

Hence, you have some "Art" for your house heading your way! I expect it up on the walls when I next visit!

To help you get the theme here are a few of the items I rejected when selecting as I didn't think they were "arty" enough!


Kiss 2



Bottoms Up

I won't give any hints as to what I did choose in the end! I just wish I could be there when you open them, especially if you wait to do it with GK!


James said...

Hmmm, does this say more about Jason, or about Gareth??? ;-)

Jase said...

Gareth's guest bedroom always used to have the best reading material when you got back in at 2 am!

GF said...

What can I say here?

Well thanks very much for the gift first, but based on the links you've placed I couldn't put any of them on my wall. It's just not me, not for the decor of my house. Plus lets remember by young nieces who also visit.

As for the reading material, well that's commonly known as the best ever coffee table books....

Oh yeah and that book shelf had the four most important things in life on it - Star Wars, Music, Women and Computers :)

GF said...

Mind you there is something nice about the first one (Kiss), but the others are far too laddish.

As you said, not arty enough! :)

Jase said...


Jase said...

Just remember - You can always just blaim me! Any excuse to have them on display! Perhaps as a conversation piece in the lounge or maybe as a set running up the stairs to look at on your way to the bedroom?

GF said...

Hmm ok....I am intruiged.