Thursday, August 04, 2005


Oh my God I am Tired!

Worked late last night and was so wound up it must have been 12.30 before I dropped off to sleep.
Unfortunately that makes 3 nights on the trot when I have been awake after midnight and I am starting to suffer - even work colleagues tell me I look like shit!

Still my Camcorder has arrived and we got the planning permission through on the house (finally), so it isn't all bad!


GF said...

Don't listen to them Jase I don't believe you look like shit!

I'm heading for 5 nights past midnight at the moment and am also knacked.

I should really try get to bed early I guess, but I'm addicted to Rebel Commando :)

Jase said...

I am going to do one more late night tonight and then I am buggering off home at 2pm tomorrow.
Then I am painting... painting... painting!