Monday, August 08, 2005


Well it is bright and early on a nice sunny monday morning...
Yep and I am in the office rather than sat in the back garden drinking coffee and eating croissants. Bugger!

I suppose I haven't really got anywhere to sit yet, but coffee and croissants al fresco should be doable around Christmas time! (Weather permitting!)

Managed to get the ceiling painted in the nursery on Friday afternoon and the first coat on the woodwork on Saturday, so there was some progress on the decorating front. Assuming this week's testing work goes OK, I reckon I should manage to get the nursery decorated in time for the carpet fitters.

Sunday was spend driving to and back from Crawley, picking up one of our EBay purchases (£50 Car Seat for £15).
We also picked up the pushchair (another £50 saving on EBay) and spent £120 at Mothercare!

I also watched the 2 hours of Cricket on Sunday and was totally gripped. I love working in an Aussie office when England beat them! It makes up for all those times that they beat us!

Anyway fingers crossed for the Shuttle crew who are set to land in about an hour. Hopefully the DIY job has worked OK.

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