Monday, August 15, 2005

Baby Update

Below is an email from Serena that pretty much sums up the last two days!


Dear all,

I’ve been admitted to the antenatal ward (Edith Dare Ward) at Queen Charlotte and Chelsea Hospital because unfortunately my waters broke early on Sunday morning. Quite a shock at 34 weeks with potentially 6 weeks to go. Everything is OK at the moment but we’re waiting for tests to come back so that they can make a decision on what happens next. They’ve said to me that if there is any sign of infection reaching the baby (now that the membranes have gone) they will need to do a caesarean section to get the baby out this week. Otherwise, all being well they will wait for a few more weeks to give the baby more chance to grow.

Either way, they say I am not allowed home because the baby is in a breech position with the feet down first and there is a risk of the umbilical cord falling out first if I were to have any premature contractions (and this would be bad for the baby). So I am stuck here on the ward for potentially weeks to come on bedrest but have resigned myself to this if it means that the baby will be OK. They’ve also said (scarily) that the baby will need to go to Neonatal Intensive Care when it is first born to get a checking over (hopefully not for too long).

Will keep you updated on how it all goes.

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GF said...

I'm thinking of you both, hope all is well....