Friday, August 05, 2005

Glad that's over

Well after a few nights of hard graft my Testing Scenario development work is finally finished.
I am looking forward to an early night tonight.

Various odds and sods to do this weekend...
  • Pick up the Pushchair that we bought on EBay.
  • Pick up the Car Seat that we bought on EBay.
  • Dump the old Nursery carpet and the rest of our excess rubbish.
  • Get on with painting (having lost 2 nights decorating to working late) the nursery.
Now I just need to avoid the sarcasm overload floating round our office today...

1 comment:

gnat said...

Wow, things have been hectic and there's little ole me hassling you with excel queries and the like. If it helps I have had a rough week too both at work and at home (mare going mad!). It culminated in me finally getting my New Business File accepted and Indy not killing me in our dressage test in the evening - relief. When I got in i thought I must just sit down for 1/2 hour, then nige woke me up at 9 said 'Tea' then again at 9.14, managed to eat my tea and then went out like a light. Think we all need some sleep this weekend!