Friday, August 08, 2008

Mr Grumpy

I have a T-Shirt similar to this and after Yesterday's debacle it suited my mood, so I stuck it on this morning as I headed out the door taking the girls to nursery.

Once that job was done I popped to Richmond Sainsburys to pick up some groceries and found that they were filming a commercial.  Anyway I whizzed round grabbing my bits and bobs and was suddenly greeted with a "CUT!  I don't think Mr Grumpy is quite what Sainsburys are looking to advertise as a typical customer!".  I had accidentally walked through shot as one of the "assistants" hadn't been paying attention.

I had to smile as I scurried off again!

PS  Fake babies look really creepy!


GF said...

LOL!! You mean you could have been in a TV advert if only it wasn't for your taste in clothes (fashion!)

Jase said...

I was dressed scruffy for a day of holiday - not for TV appearances!