Thursday, August 07, 2008


We've been burgled!  (Last night!)

2 wallets and my BlackBerry nicked and then they probably legged it as both Jocey and Serena's Mum were up and about a lot in the night, so they decided it was too risky.

The big question is how the #### did they get in?

I reckoned our front door was pretty secure but somehow they have removed the chain, undone a dead-lock and then slipped the Yale.

The door was securely locked at midnight (I checked) and then wasn't at 6.30 am when I came downstairs.

They clearly left that way, but if they got in another way I am stumped to know how!!!

New BlackBerry coming tomorrow, and replacement credit/debit cards coming in 5-7 days.  Hopefully my replacement driving licence will come before the trip to the USA as well, or else I won't be driving!


GF said...

Holy shit mate, only just read this.

That's terrible news, but also at least it's only things that can be replaced which were stolen and your family are all safe.

Not the best though - do tell how you think they got in if you ever work it out...

Jase said...

The police reckon then came in through the letter box!