Monday, August 04, 2008

Darkest Night

Wow, how dark is the new Batman film!

Serena and I got time out to go to the cinema at the weekend and nipped off to a matinee performance of The Dark Knight.

What a different film.  I almost feel like I didn't enjoy it as it is so bleak!

Visually the film is stunning and the audio also rocked our socks off (if anything the cinema had turned it up to 11)!

I can't really fault a single actor either, but for me Aaron Eckhart stood out as Harvey Dent.

A lot of media had been produced around Heather Ledger's performance as The Joker, and I admit it was scarily out of character for him, and an extremely believable performance of a psychopath, however I don't know if it warrants an Oscar.  But then did Anthony Hopkins deserve a Best Actor nod for Silence of the Lambs?  (Best Supporting Actor maybe?)

Anyway, the film scores 8/10 from me, but if you do go along don't expect to leave the cinema in an upbeat mood!

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GF said...

I've seen it twice at the cinema now.

Once, on opening weekend and then yesterday afternoon in the IMAX. I loved it. Even more so the second time around.

It is dark, but Batman is meant to be dark, it's his heritage. He is 'forced' into crime fighting after his parent's death, borders on revenge, has no 'super-powers' as such, and is tortured by his choices in life.

The film is genius, and yes Heath is good, very good, as the Joker, but it's Bale who does it for me. His acting between socialite millionaire playboy, broken man, and borderline psychopath is fantastic and far more worthy of an Oscar. Of course, it's unlikely - I can't think when a popcorn movie ever won an Oscar. Certainly not for acting, and certainly not a superhero type movie. Perhaps Bale will win it and dedicate it to Heath....

...unless of course his sister pawns it for cash.. ;)