Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bored to tears...

Well, OK, I am not quite crying, but it is really frustrating when I am waiting for loads of other people to complete pieces of work so I can push on and finish what I need to do.

I have surfed all my regular sites.

The other stuff I would like to surf is blocked by "Websense".

We get a rubbish signal here, so I can't even surreptitiously surf on my BlackBerry!

So what is left. I could blog about all those things I wanted to blog about and forgot to do at the time... But I have forgotten why most of them were funny / annoying etc.

Generally I just want a moan!

Anyone else bored? Email me if you are! Please! Pretty Please!!!!!

Hmmm, maybe I will go get a coffee and a muffin and read my book? Nah, someone will wonder what I am being paid for and complain!


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