Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring TV Choice

Ahhh, the BBC has rolled out its new Spring TV schedule for Saturday nights...

Plenty for Serena and I with the new series of Dr Who and a new "find someone to be in our muscial" show.

I even liked the new lottery show despite being utterly gutted about not reading about the London audition for it!  All that free time on my hands and I missed a TV Quiz Audition 2 miles from my house!

The "Catch-Up" show for the quiz clashes with our trip to Barcelona in June, so I can't even do that one!  Maybe I should look at Deal or No Deal?

PS  If James or Sally could drop me a note of which BSG episodes they have missed I will encode them to disc with the subtitles and pop them in the post.


Kim said...

I know I'm really late with this, but how was the Terry Pratchett Hog Father movie that was supposed to be out around last Christmas? Did it ever make it to the small screen?

Jase said...

Ironically that is sat on my Sky+ box (PVR) still waiting to be watched. It was shown on Sky One at Christmas.

Oh and Deal or No Deal are not currently looking for contestants - any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

What's a TV?


*gets back to his cave to figure out what colour this "wheel" thingy he's invented should be...*

James said...

Simple. Go on Deal or No Deal. :)

PS. Will e-mail shortly.