Sunday, March 04, 2007

Back to the Beginning

One of the original purposes of this blog was to share my movie reviews with a wider audience and to have an archive of them.  Clearly I haven't done this for a while, mainly because Lauren has prevented us from hitting the cinema.

Anyway I have been using my boredom filled moments to catchup on a few films on Sky Movies that I missed last year, so here are some short reviews.

Stealth:  Popcorn special for the boys (blue bikinis rule).  Beyond that it is crap.  5/10

Revolver: Eh?  I don't get it!  Enjoyable film but far too clever for me!  6/10

Red Eye:  Absolute rubbish!  3/10

Croupier:  Finally something worth watching!  Excellent cast and a great yarn!  7/10

Changing Lanes: Ben Affleck and Samuel L Jackson wasted on a terrible plot about nasty people!  5/10

The Libertine:  Under-rated Johnny Depp film.  Weird but enjoyable!  7/10

Chronicles of Narnia:  A hell of a lot better than I expected.  Something for the kiddies though.  7/10

One more to come, but that gets it's own post.


GF said...

I didn't like Stealth that much, no matter how many bikinis it had in it.

I thought Red Eye was OK, not as poor as you made it out to be. Yes derivitive, but it was Wes Craven and that's good, as was Rachel McAdams as a brunette.....yum.

Jase said...

Bah! It was beyond derivative! I only like the head-butt moment! I can't say she particularly appealed, unlike Jessica Biel.

g675 said...

She appeals more than Biel but then that's taste and opinion for you isn't it? :)