Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hot Fuzz

Friday and a gamut of really annoying bullshitters (agents) drove me from the house to the cinema.  It was a toss up between Blood Diamond and Hot Fuzz.

Well I decided that "comedy" over "gritty" was what I needed so I settled down in the Vue Acton (a generic Vue cinema clone) and sat back for what I assumed would be a load of pants.

Oh how wrong could I be.

This film is silly.  This film is daft.  This film was exactly what I needed!

I laughed for the whole two hours.  This is way better than Shaun of the Dead.

GO AND SEE THIS FILM!  (If you are a guy)

I put that caveat at the end as some girls just won't get it as it is sooooo daft!  Others will love it just like I did.


GF said...

I really want to see this film, but you need to convince Gillian for me as it's just a no way gonna fly movie so far as her attendance is concerned.

I've got Blood Diamond on DVD actually if you'd like it?

Jase said...

It's worth trying to convince her... promise that you'll do something girly!

g675 said...

I always do something girly!! :)