Friday, March 09, 2007

Pleasant Change

Yesterday was refreshing.

I met up with an agent in the morning and didn't leave the session thinking she was a complete prick.  In fact she gave me some REALLY good advice and we had a constructive chat about the market place.  Fingers crossed as always.

Since I was meeting her in a posh hotel, I thought I had better get reasonably well dressed up, so I had a shave, pulled out a smart pair of trousers, wore a shirt and even pulled out my "sports jacket".

I have to say I have missed being dressed up smart!  It was really nice to not feel scruffy!  I need to do that more often.

Although, walking the length of Oxford St in that geer turned our to be rather warmer than I expected for a March morning.

1 comment:

GF said...

Gotta say, I loved putting on a suit, shirt and tie for my interview for my new place. Great being and feeling like a proper businessman :)

Hope it works for you and she can find you some stuff mate....