Tuesday, September 19, 2006

White City

Exciting happenings in our local area in the news! A huge amount of money is being pumped by Ken Livingston to regenerate West London and part of this involves this project at White City. Apparently, a huge shopping centre is being built there, due to open in 2008.

This is a good thing, as the photo shows how it currently appears. Leaves a lot to be desired! The BBC TV centre is close by. As an aside, we've been meaning to go down there to catch a show or be part of an audience...maybe some day when we have babysitters!

According to the Beeb, it will be really big and have a lot of the major retailers, as well as restaurants and cinema. And importantly, it will have car parking!

People were on the news to say that it will be a disaster for Oxford Street because it is so close and will pull shoppers away. Well, I for one won't be sorry. Oxford Street is a nightmare, especially on Saturday. You have to walk for miles to get between the shops you want, you're exposed to the elements, it's so crowded that you can't move (you're pushed along by the swell of people, rather than going in the direction you want) and at the end of the day you have to struggle on and off public transport with all your shopping, as there's no parking.

Imagine doing that with a one year old! In fact, no need to imagine, as I've not been able to go with Lauren in tow. The one time I've been to Oxford Street this past year, I had to leave Lauren at home with Jase, otherwise I could not have gone.

So I can't wait for the new shopping centre! Somewhere to shop without feeling hassled, we'll have a cinema and the general area will undoubtedly improve with this coming to the area (which means our house value will go up - yay!).

Roll on 2008!


Sal said...

I am suitably jealous. My town has half day closing on *Saturdays*.

Jase said...

Saddo that I am I worry about things like conjestion on the A40! It is crippled as it is now at rush hour and weekends and this will probably double the traffic!

Rena said...

Spoil sport!

I'm just looking forward to going shopping...