Friday, September 01, 2006

Free Competition....

CCL Online are running a free-to-enter competition.

The prize for this puzzle is a 1GB MP3-DJ Vivid. A stylish number from the guys at Genius. It integrates a MP3 digital audio decoder, FM tuner, flash memory, built-in microphone, and OLED display all in one. This really is a cracking prize for one lucky winner. Check it out here!

The competition is as follows:

You email your answers to:

I have submitted my "correct" answer! :P


GF said...

I've thought about this for a while and I don't know.

Luckily I'm not desperate for the prize. The diagram seems a little silly, and why is the wall between them and then in the text they say that one isn't outside the wall?

Maybe they all walk down the stairs and the guy at the back sees the three in front?!? Dunno.

Jase said...

The answer is as follows:

B shouts out Blue after a short while….


He knows C is Black.
He knows A can see B’s Hat and C’s Hat.
A doesn’t shout out, so he clearly can’t work out what colour his hat is.
So A must be able to see a Blue Hat and a Black Hat.
Which means B must be wearing a Blue Hat.


GF said...

But if they can't speak or look anything other than right, how can A look down and see other hats?

Hmmm, seems a bit contrived to me. Some MENSA twat being too arsey methinks.

I looked into MENSA a few years back and got asked to join (no seriously), I have the requisite IQ though ironically forget what it is now, but I didn't.

James said...

I think the wall is there to stop Gareth's idea of the last guy marching to the front. I do hate these abstract puzzles though. The human mind isn't very good at these 'false' problems. I mean, the hat clour is vital to their escape?? At least they could have framed it with two people having wirecutters and two having ladders or something. Still, the people who write this rubbish clearly don't have that sort of mind. ;-)

Plus, I know my IQ too. It's not too shabby, but it's not MENSA level. 120-140 is optimum as this the level of most writers/authors/etc. Push much above that and you're in danger of soaring into Einstein territory - who for the record, was "an emotional failure":

PS. I'm not claiming that anyone here is an emotional failure!! Only that Einstein is a good example of what happens when you're too brainy.

Jase said...

My highest score on a Standardised IQ test came in at 140 on the nose (that was 5 years ago).
Most recent test I took brought me in at 134, so clearly it is all down hill from here.
I can't be bothered with Mensa... I am more of a pub quiz man myself (although I do like the odd logical puzzle)!

NB I think this puzzle was badly worded.

Jase said...

Oh and even though I have a pretty high IQ, I still get my arse kicked in computer games and I suspect that Lauren will be smarter than me....

James said...

Lauren's IQ = (Jason's IQ + Serena's IQ)/2 +/- 30. Plenty of guesing room there. ;-)

GF said...

I think mine was 131, 132 or thereabouts.

I agree with James on the abstract puzzle thing. Put me in the Industrial Zone in Crystal Maze and then I'll be fine...

Jase said...

I used to like those puzzles... Just don't put me in the Aztec zone with a crossbow!

GF said...

Or indeed in SW BattleFront II with a Bowcaster!! :)