Thursday, September 14, 2006

A message to Sally!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Blogging!

I had to laugh reading you blog in more detail last night.
I love the piccie of James asleep. That is a view I have woken up to far too many times in my 33 years. I must dig out some of the older pics for you to laugh (I mean look) at.
I have also been watching
A Town Called Eureka. It is great.
I am having a bad relationship with my PDA... I have decided that it doesn't love me anymore, so it sits on it charger looking forlorn whilst I leave it at home. I think I need an upgrade, but budgets do not permit.
Road signs being "girl friendly"... Hmm interesting. We talking about making them pink and furry? (Just Kidding).
Serena and getting lost used to be a regular occurrence when we moved to London (poor dear). For her birthday a few years back I was planning to buy her TomTom GPS System and whilst it was on back order she got horrendously lost and returned home in floods of tears. She demanded that this would not happen again and she didn't care how much it cost, she was buying SatNav. I was harsh and told her she couldn't buy it and proceeded to get a serious earful. In the end I brought my proposed surprise to an end and told her I had already bought one for her and was just waiting for it to be delivered. Again that triggered floods of tears (fortunately the good kind).

For those of you wanting to know more about James' Beau (or should that be Belle?) then I have added a permanent link to her Blog on the right.


GF said...

I really don't want to start a battle of the sexes argument here, but I suggested to GK that she should get a GPS system recently and she is SOO opposed to the idea, but does get stressed when she gets lost on occasion.

Whilst a map works, it doesn't know where you currently are so isn't that great. I don't use my GPS all the time, but do I rely on it loads and has safely got me to Chester, North Wales, Nottingham, Manchester, Liverpool and home safely many times.

Jase said...

I wasn't trying to start a battle of the sexes thing either! I AM good at finding my way to places (with or without a map), but given the option to use SatNav for a complicated journey I will.

GF said...

What I like about satnav is I don't need to worry about getting there, or indeed need to spend time planning the route.

PLUS! It tells me (and updates throughout) my arrival time. Worth it's weight in gold...

Jase said...

I use the arrival time as a rough estimate... In London, you double it. If travelling long distance I shave off 10-20%.

e.g. London to York. 220 miles. TomTom time = 4hrs 30 mins. Jasie time < 4 hrs unless bloomin' unlucky with traffic. However it has taken 8 hours before!

Sal said...

Ooh, satnav! Gadget heaven! I have absolutely no problems admitting that my sense of direction is whacked. There should be a group (Girls Anonymous perhaps) where you can go and comfort each other with cups of tea and stories of 'that time it took me 7 hours to get home'. S

Rena said...


Weird, I remembered that incident a bit differently from Jase...

Anyway, what used to get me about London was that you could drive miles before coming across a street sign to tell you what road you were on (signage is BAD here) and by that time it was too late and you were horribly lost.

One journey to somewhere I hadn't been before in South London (Croydon) ended up being a nightmare of stopping 6 times to read the map and taking 2 hours to get there (14 mile journey). It also involved going through a really scary area of Tooting!

Before satnav, I also went the wrong way around the North Circular in London (like a big ring road) going to Harrow in NW London. I didn't realise this until I saw signs for Walthamstow (which is in East London!)

Bear in mind that these were all journeys to important meetings I had to attend and I was trying to get there on time, dealing with London traffic (already horrendous) and then getting lost.

Now that just takes the shine off your day...