Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Lauren was in full octopus mode last night, so she didn't settle until about 10:15 pm. I had managed to set Sky+ to record the programmes I was interested in, and whilst Serena was blogging the story below, I crashed out in front of the telly and began to flick.

Nothing on the "entertainment" channels grabbed me, and I only lingered for a few minutes on the movie channels before coming bored.

We don't subscribe to Sky Sports any more (cost saving - the only person who watched it was Serena's Dad!) so the next channels I hit was the music ones.

I am not like Gareth in that I can't normally sit and watch MTV or VH1 (channels picked arbitrarily rather than based on knowledge of Gareth's viewing habits) so I was speed flicking and had to back up about six channels when something caught my eye....

Total Meatloaf.

Kerrang were dedicating a 30 minute slot to the "Meat", and so I kicked back and entertained Serena with my karaoke versions of various Bat out of Hell (1 and 2) tracks!


GF said...

I loved the Kerrang! Channel when I had it.

Another question for James - Why is Kerrang! called Kerrang!

GF said...

You know what? I don't understand the 'flicking' mentality.

My old flat mate in Chester used to flick TV soon as adverts came on. Why? it's not like mid-hour he was going to find something new to watch that he hadn't already missed some of or was going to stop watching what has already been watching. If that was the case, why watch it at all?

Why not just turn tv off if there's nothing interesting?

Used to absolutely bug the living crap out of me...