Thursday, July 06, 2006

How Wude!

OK, this is way, way overdue!

We returned from France on Saturday, in time for an England v Portugal penalty shoot-out in the baggage collection hall (so much for avoiding the score and watching the replay on digital).

I have to admit as to not feeling too great (must have been the sweetbreads!) and started to run a fever, and come Sunday I was feeling blooming awful! My throat had swollen up so much that when Serena had a look at it even she was worried! (I often complain about not getting any sympathy as Serena is a Doctor and is used to seeing people with bits hanging off, but when she actually gets worried then it is really scary!)

A visit to the GP on Monday (he barely glanced down my throat in the 3 minutes I was in his office) resulted in some weak antibiotics (Serena calls them the "pissing in the wind" variety) and I skived off work for two days feeling miserable!

Back to work yesterday and found a building site where my desk used to be... bit of a shock actually! Apparently our department were given two days notice to pack up and move out! (Hence the title.)

Anyway I found my stuff including half a Kensington lock security cable - apparently it only took 5 minutes and a pair of pliers to cut through it to free my docking station from the desk - and got my desk up and running again. It still needs a good juggle to get everything where I think it should be, but that takes energy and I am seriously lacking that at the moment.

I had 250 emails to plough through and one urgent situation that had arisen... I may get round to another updated sometime this month!


GF said...

Ouch! I did wonder why you were still ' Kansas' and also not commenting on my emails.....

Hope you're feeling better

Jase said...

Quote from Star Wars - Episode I: The Phantom Menace.