Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I don't think we are in Kansas anymore!

Wow! Finding internet access here is St Malo has proved to be a chore!
Serena is still trying to work on her paper and needs to lookup some more references so I pulled out all the stops and found the ONLY internet cafe in St Malo for her! (I looked at 3 others but they had shut down.)

I am touch typing this as I am using a french keyboard and the letters are all over the place. I managed to convince "Le Windoes" that I am American, which gets most of the keys where I think they should be, so I just need to not look down and type on instinct!

The weather is OK. Not particularly warm, but at least it isn't raining. The food is great. Fresh shellfish and lots of crepes & gateaux! Maggie, Peter, Lauren and I went for a cup of coffee and a cake yesterday, whilst Serena was working... The slices served were HUGE. Fortunately there is no evidence as Maggie's camera batteries were flat, however I cannot look at another slice of cake for at least a week!


GF said...

Well if you're American!!....hee-hee!! :)

Jase said...

Clue: Flying Monkeys?

Jase said...

Quote from The Wizard of Oz.