Monday, July 10, 2006

Game over man!

OK, so Wimbledon and the World Cup are finished as is the second series of Dr Who.

Wimbledon was mildly entertaining, the latter stages of the World Cup were blooming awful and the final episode of Dr Who was really enjoyable (even if I hoped a painful death for Rose).

So what now? Looks like I am back to the DVD box set of Alias Season 3 and catching up on a few films.

I have been playing a bit of World of Warcraft which I have to admit is mildly entertaining!!!! I even managed to play it for a few hours in France (in French), although I was hampered by being unable to decipher some of the quest text. As I am having to look after Lauren in my free time, I cannot explore the game fully as far as grouping or longer dungeons but that may come in time.

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