Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Our minds are unravelling and every time you bring us back it gets worse!

This Blew my Mind!


GF said...

Right, so what is it?

I saw the 'Valve' name at the end, I take it it's a new game?

PS Eternal Sunshine?

Jase said...

Its a preview for a game under development by Valve (Valve are the design team - did the Half Life games) called Portal.

Its a technology demo from E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) that was put on the net for bragging purposes.

The concept they have come up with has so many weird and wonderful connotations (a lot of which are in the demo) that as a gaming concept it is completely unique!

No not ES, which is classed as a "Jim Carey" movie, despite Kate's starring roll. Hence I wouldn't feel comfortable using it (after the Moulin Rouge comments). This is definitely a leading lady quote, as was the Supergirl quote from yesterday!

James said...

Aha - so it was Supergirl!! James wins. :-)

Jase said...

See comments on previous post!

Jase said...

Gareth... Re-read the quote again and you'll probably get it, as we were talking about this film quite recently!

GF said...

I replied to this one with quote before James' comment......arrgh, what happened?

I said it was the film with the annoying woman with hands for feet..... must've not type 'clymidia' correct, or whatever the word was for verification.... ;)

Jase said...

Yep it's from Aeon Flux.