Sunday, January 27, 2008


The more I see of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed the more I start to salivate!

Look at the video in this post here.


GF said...

Yes, it does look fantastic. Really very much so - worth buying a PS3 or X360 for actually.

What is it though? FPS, MMORG or RPG or what? Makes a big difference to me.

Jase said...

It's a FPS, if you take out the S and replace it with Force/Sabre!
It may have some RPG elements with regards to levelling up and choosing your force path, but that isn't why you would buy the game!
From my perspective it is a major excuse for buying a PS3!
I also see that it is coming out on Wii, but surely the graphics would be poor, even if the use of the WiiStick would make things interesting!
It is coming to PC too though.