Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Lord Preserve Me!

6.30 am start on 2nd January. I need more coffee!!!!
And now they are forecasting snow for tomorrow!
I am not impressed... what happened to Global Warming? I clearly need to up my carbon emmissions!
I'll try the drive to work in snow the first time, but I suspect I may be taking the longer / more expensive train route if it proves to be a nightmare.

After a very busy Christmas and New Year I am looking forward to a quiet January with lots of early nights! I am very sleep deprived! I may even extend that wish into February! I also really need to think about getting back to the gym! (Maybe next week)

I would like to thank Serena publically for an amazing performance of the last 3 weeks. Our oven has never seen so much action!

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GF said...

Luckily I had the 2nd off (but we Scots need more time), but I was in Glasgow Airport by 5:20am on the 3rd!

Yes, I too need time to relax and sleep and do nothing. January will be that time...