Thursday, January 24, 2008

For Sale...

1997 Honda Civic in Red.

One careful owner (and me).

Be warned that this car has a sense of humour and likes to breakdown when it is most inconvenient.

Example 1:  I am in Twickenham and I have to drive to Luton Airport to fly up to Edinburgh...  Car refuses to start and I end up needing a new battery and making my flight by literally seconds.

Example 2:  I am at Lauren's nursery and it is dark, she is tired and wants her tea...  Car won't start and ends up needing a new starter motor.  Fortunately the AA gave me priority service due to Lauren's presence in the car so I was bump started home within 30 mins.

Given that Example 2 was last night, I am very glad that it is pay day today.

Annoyingly Serena and I had already decided to go car hunting this weekend and the car could have been off our hands before the repair was needed...  I have a feeling that the cost of this repair is going to be a nasty shock.

Oh, yeah...  How much?  I'll take £1,500 for cash.  I fact, I'll take £1,000 if you promise to remove it quickly!!!!


GF said...

Ouch!! But in fairness it has served you well in all the Edinburgh <-> Clydebank travels you did. It has seen a lot of tarmac in it's time.

Anonymous said...

I thought Hondas were the most reliable car in the whole of the known universe?


Jase said...

Actually now that it has the new starter motor it is running really well.
Maybe I'll keep it a bit longer.

GF said...

Oh don't let it suck you in...they do that.