Monday, July 02, 2007

That's me told!

I had to do a bit of family duty last night and wasn't back home from playing taxi until 22:45. Sunday night is the only time that you may be pushed to find a parking space near our house, and as feared my space was gone and there was nothing in sight in either direction. Just next to us is a small cul-de-sac called Westvale Mews, which is so small it isn't even named on Google Maps! They have a little parking bay with 12 spaces, of which 2 were occupied when I got there. I decided that I was unlikely to piss anyone off by parking there overnight and so I duely did so.

How wrong could I be?

This morning I found my car had aquired a note! I reproduce it here for your information (with spelling/punctuation as written):
PLz do not PARK in this BAY We all PAY 4 Bays in Mews. and you put me out hving your car here. If you get Towed out as we have CLAMPING. Its down to you Thank you.
Well I consider this very un-neighbourly, given that there was only one extra car parked there at 7.30 this morning.
According to my local council the Mews parking bays are included on the controlled parking zone that I pay £45 per year to allow me to park near my house (map attached):
I can't see any signs that indicate that it is a private car park and I am certain that the cars that I saw parked there, regularly park in front of my house!
There is no mention of clamping on any signs. (Although I am pretty certain that private clamping schemes are technically illegal and you can sue for criminal damage to your car).
In fact the only visible sign is one that states "Strictly No Ball Games".
I could jump to the conclusion that my car was caught playing a spot of tennis whilst I slept?
So the question is how did I respond?
Did I:
(a) Leave a snotty note on the window of the car that wasn't parked there when I arrived last night - also failing to sign it / indicate my house number?
(b) Position a nail behind said car's wheel, so that reversing resulted in a visit to the local KwikFit?
(c) Accidentally run my key down the side of said car?
(d) Do nothing apart from fume all the way to work?


GF said...

I know you did (D) and then vented your spleen on Blog.

I think you should confront the trendy text speaking twat personally though....

Jase said...

Yep - it woud be far too obvious if I did B or C straight away. I'll do one of those next week!

GK said...

Had it been me, I would left an equally annoyed note on his car (and we know its a he from the texting phrasing used on his note - a female wouldn't do that. A female would just have written "Move your f*cking car a$$hole!" - as I have been known to do before!!)

Jase said...

Oh that was you! Sorry. :P