Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Facebook - more comments

Jase and I have finally succumbed to signing up for Facebook (as you can see from his previous post). It's mainly populated by folk at least a decade younger than us, but since a lot of our friends and family are rubbish at keeping in touch except electronically I (at least) figured it was time to add another way to communicate with them.

Actually, since joining it's been quite hilarious as I have been catching up all manner of old friends and acquaintances whom I'd lost contact with. So I would encourage those of you who haven't yet signed on to check it out, as it is fun (but be warned; it will also eat up your spare time if you get into it...perfect for slackers everywhere!)

OK, see you all in cyberspace!


GF said...

Hmmm, for somebody who is completely a techno innovator / adopter-type person you'd think I'd want to be part of this.

Nope, i have to say that Facebook, Bebo, Myspace, etc. all annoy me. I hate the layout, and I find the need to find virtual friends entirely fake and quite annoying.

I've got my mates, and we can talk in conventional ways (and even via our own blogs). Perhaps I don't want all my past friends getting in touch? Not sure, not convinced.

Especially Facebook where you can't even see peoples profiles or anything about them without becoming friends first. Not sure I see the point.....

....and breathe, rant over. Willing to be proved wrong.

Rena said...

Fair enough. Not all of us are as lucky as you though G.

I've moved jobs every 6 months to a year for the last 10 years and lost touch with countless good people, not because of lack of trying but because we were all working too much or at stupid times to catch up properly. Most of those I regret that we didn't stay in touch, and given the chance (and if I knew where they actually were these days) I would hope to find out what they're up to and if life is treating them well.

So Facebook is ideal for me to hunt out my old chums; one of the lads who has got in touch with me seems to have tracked down a lot of my medic pals, so maybe it appeals more to those of us who have rather less stable lives!

I'm not sure that you realise this, but my current job (and I finally have my interview for my permanent job next Wednesday, as I have been working under a temporary contract until now) is the first permanent job I have EVER had, since graduating 10 years ago. This (unfortunately) is the nature of my profession.

While it's great to have finally made it, I do regret all the things that have been sacrificed along the way - including friendships that could have been so much more.

You're very lucky, you know!


Jase said...

No-one being able to see your details without your approval is a good thing to me.
I know I can block those that I don't want to get back in touch with, and at worst they get to see a picture of my face!

GF said...

Yeah but where I struggle with it is how do I know it's the real James Smith or whoever, when they have an f'in tiny picture or a stupid avatar?

Perhaps my rant seemed a bit strong and Serena did put it well in her response. I too have many friends I've lost over time, but I'm not sure they are all on Facebook, or is that Bebo or is it Myspace or indeed FriendsReunited? Its hard enough keeping my personal blog fresh clean and organised without needing to maintain a host of sites just to stay in touch with others, who I managed to lose touch with in the first place.

I could still be tempted, but after the prospect of 'finding' someone I've lost touch with, I don't see the benefits of it as I can't view pages to see what content is in there that would make it a huge benefit to become part of.