Tuesday, June 06, 2006

He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!

OK, so my last post was a bit weird, but I just wanted to get into the spirit of things.
Jerry Goldsmith's soundtrack to The Omen still sends shivers down my spine!

I had to laugh when I read that the boy who played Damien in the original has been given a bit part as a reporter in the remake! Clearly the Antichrist has gone down in the world!

I have to say that I was a bit miffed yesterday. I have sorted out my DivX woes (cheers G) and even managed to fix the audio problem (missing AC3 codec) on one film, and so could finally get round to watching Angel Season 1 (downloaded as Sky have been skipping episodes!).

Turns out I had downloaded "Galaxy Angel" (in Spanish) which is some sort of Manga cartoon. I was a bit miffed. Anyway Episodes 1-4 were at 96% when I left this morning and the rest of Season 1 was sitting at 10%, so we are getting there!


GF said...

I'm not even going to lower myself to commenting on what the quote is from, though very appropriate for today! :)

Glad to hear the DivX thing worked, nice to know I have my uses. Did you get the AC3 filter OK then? I could've sent you it if I thought it was needed....

Jase said...

I found a program that reads media files and extracts the codec information. It then links you to a huge codec site if you are missing one.
Grabbed AC3 and XVid (codec only) and everything works fine - no random spyware.
Had made a DivX disk and placed it in my DivX compatible DVD player. Worked for a bit then froze. Ejected and replaced the disk. DVD player no longer plays DivX! Tried with other files / disks and no joy... BUGGER. Forums completely useless too.

GF said...

HA-ha! Gotta love technology dontcha!?!?!?