Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend update

Its Monday morning so it must be time for a Blog update... (Thanks for the KOTOR post Rena).

The trip to the park was great - see Rena's blog for more on that.
She has also been working like a slave uploading our photos onto Flickr so you can look at more cuteness (Lauren not me!).

This weekend turning out to be a Sophia Myles weekend for me...
She was in Dr Who and Tristan + Isolde, both which formed part of our viewing menu.
It was bugging the heck out of me where I had seen her before and I finally placed her in Underworld, where she was cute but completely overshadowed by a certain other lady in PVC!
Various interview thingummies on the web keep calling her the "New Kate Winslet", which I think is a bit unfair as I think she is better than Kate.

Anyway, Dr Who was great again... lousy bad guys but a great character driven plot... written by Steven Moffat who also wrote my favourite British Sit-Com "Coupling". I am enjoying this season much more than the previous one and I reckon that David Tennant is brilliant as the Doctor.

For those of you who worry about these things I finally have three lightsabers for my Jedi in KOTOR2, although I need to find some more appropriate colour crystals! Pink and Yellow are so last year!

Anyway I am off to smile at the new photos of Lauren, so more later.


James said...

Ah, KOTOR 2... Not that I'll spoil the ending for you mate, but you can tell that the programmers were pushed to publish before they'd finished it. Seems to me that there's a chapter mising near the end or something? A fault to an otherwise *great* game.

Strip characters to boost the only ones you use?? *gasp* Play the game properly, Jase. ;-) lol. [PS. If you only use the same few people, you miss out on some cracking dialogue].

Jase said...

I have two games running, one light consular and one dark guardian.
I buggered up Visas in the light side so I prefer Bao-dur to her most of the time. Dark side I am just leaving Telos so I am not that far advanced yet. (Dark Side is harder by far but the loot has been better for some reason!)

Pradeep bitched as only he can bitch when he finsihed KOTOR2 so I have "limited expectations" of the ending!