Friday, May 19, 2006

Tech Demon Haunting

I am beginning to think that we have some sort of tech demon in the house causing havoc to all our electric / electronic items. Either that or I have been watching too much Buffy. Anyway, time to set the record straight after Jase complained about the rice cooker post taking priority over his PC.

Jase's PC has mysteriously decided to keel over. It was in the middle of a virus scan at the time and attempting a reboot (never a good sign). Jase thinks it had probably found a virus and was trying to reset the system or something.

We couldn't get the thing to reboot.

Of course, this occurred on the day Jase was planning to back the system up prior to a rebuild. The corrupt hard disc unfortuantely housed all of our photos (luckily I think I had most of them on the laptop too). I think I did do a photo archive relatively recently but am not sure if I've got everything; bear in mind that most of our stuff is still in boxes in the living room or in the loft. Finding anything at the moment is nearly impossible.

Oh, and did I mention that all of Jase's game saves are on the corrupt disc? I suppose he thinks that those are much more important. He's already moaning that this means he will have to start
KOTOR 2 for the sixth time. He had already started again to fix certain shortcomings from the last time I posted. I think he also had one light side game and one dark side game going.

Anyway, you know your PC is in trouble when not even
Partition Magic can save it. It refused to salvage anything at all from the corrupt disc.

Jase did some surfing this morning and found this programme called
Partition Table Doctor which claims it can sort the problem. He's running the initial diagnostic programme which is estimating it can analyse the problem in 31 hours. It would still need to fix the problem after that! Guess we will set that going beofre we leave the house for York.

Failing that, we can always try the patented Balint Joo approach of waving a dead chicken over the PC. Allegedly exorcises all known demons.


Jase said...

Well PTD has been running for 2 hours now and seems to be about 5% complete! I guesss it'll be done when we get back from York!
I just hope it works!
Anyone need a copy let me know... I shelled out £25 for it.

Balint said...

I should add that the 'Dead Chicken' method
came from the Hacker's Dictionary as a method of last resort and I certainly don't hold a patent. I merely tested the method. In this particular case, the bird in question was a fully roasted chicken from Tesco and that Martin's computer did in fact come back to life afterwards.