Friday, May 26, 2006


OK, thanks to Gareth's comments on the family Blog I have the Heartbeat theme tune buzzing around in my head!

He commented that I look like Nick Berry in the photo from my 21st Birthday Party, so to give you a bit of a laugh I thought you could suggest some other look-a-likes for me (without being too cruel).

To start you off here is one I used to get at Uni:


GF said...

OK now I really am laughing out loud!!!.... :)

...and of course, respect for taking the comment on the chin too!

Jase said...

I have a sense of humour and have to admit that the photo you linked was scarily similar!
NB Note that I actually liked Stephen Fry and don't mind looking a bit like him.

GF said...

Well of COURSE it was scarily similar!! ;)