Friday, December 12, 2008

Robots in Surprise!

How good a film is Transformers!

Serena and I watched it last night on BluRay and we were both shocked as to how good it was. 

The effects of course dominate, but do not feel overdone or out of place.

Neither Serena nor I knew much about the plot (despite my Kids cartoon background) and we felt that the pacing of the plot and the characters were excellent.

I think the biggest thing that surprised us though was the amount of humour that was in the film.  We were expecting a gritty action-fest, but this really was aimed at kids as well, and hence humour was used very well to lower the tension.

A big thumbs up for Michael Bay!

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Gareth said...

I can't believe you hadn't seen it!!

It's immense isn't it? I saw it in the cinema with Andy and then bought on Blu-Ray and have seen it about 5 times already.

Amazing isn't it? I loved the effects and the humour. Watch the extras it's worth it... :)