Friday, May 30, 2008


Whilst we are on the sensitive topics I would like to announce that I have solved one of the age old mysteries...

"Why do Men leave the toilet seat up?"

Women assume that this is pure laziness.  Actually it is very good manner!

Men are generally a bit less dignified on the loo than our female counterparts, which means things can get messy, especially after some macho-curry-eating session!  There is nothing more terrifying than walking into a gents public loo and opening the cubicle and finding the toilet lid down!  Who knows what mess has been left behind my an underpowered flush?  To find out you are going to have to get really close to lift the lid!  Which is surely unhygienic in its own right?

However if the seat had been left up we would see at a glance whether it was safe to approach or not - pure courtesy!


Anonymous said...

Leaving the lid up is not a problem. And I share the view that it's good to share the view! It's when you leave the actual seat ring up and your better half sits down hard and breaks her tailbone that it's a problem ;-)


GF said...

Try looking before you park...a problem women ALWAYS seem to have!!