Friday, May 30, 2008

Sensitive Topics...

This could get messy so don't read on if you are slightly squeamish!

I am bemused about the design of some pharmaceutical products.

I was a bit under the weather last weekend which resulted in me being constipated.  I eventually had a "break through" but it left my bum more than a bit sore.

Being a man I worked through the pain (so to speak) but it hasn't gone away and I finally resigned myself to going to Boots for some sort of remedy.

I found an ointment and a spray, and also being a man decided to buy both "just in case".

Now the ointment I can figure out for myself.  You put some on your finger and then stick your finger where it hurts.  So why include an optional long nozzle?  I am not likely to stick the tube up my bum just to get the cream to the area that is sore - that would seem like a path leading to "over-dispensing".

Now we turn to the spray.  Here I was expecting something that allowed fine control, but no - what you get is a small pump-action bottle akin to an old fashioned breath freshener.  How does that help me.  I would need a mirror and a third hand just to get close to spraying in the right direction!  A better design would be surely something like a Sinex nose spray.  Then at least you are fairly confident that your are spraying in the right direction!


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