Monday, April 07, 2008


Lauren's horse placed 3rd and Serena's came in 4th which meant that for the £120 bet I got back £87.50.
I am well gutted as my horse was looking good until it fell about 4 fences from home.
Jocey's horse finished 12th and neither of my two longshots made it beyond the fifth fence!
Still I am up if you count back over recent years! All good fun!


Rena said...

I'd like to point out that Lauren chose the horse all by herself (I put the list of the horses running on the table and asked her to pick one). I think she picked that particular one because she liked the jockey's colours (she has a thing about yellow at the moment).

And I am normally not so lucky but couldn't believe it when Lauren and my horses made 3rd and 4th!! Even Jocey's one finished (which I chose).

Not a single one of Jase's ones finished. Must be a first.


Jase said...

This is only a bit of fun and I have clearly transferred my luck to my kids. Mustn't grumble!