Saturday, April 05, 2008

Grand National Day

Those that know me well will know that I always like to have a flutter on the Grand National.  Due to my addictive personality I generally won't bet at other times as I don't want to get myself into a mess, but once a year I allow myself a bit of fun!

I can't say that I have a particular formula or method, other than picking some horses based on their colours, some based on their name and usually one based on my reading of the form.

Past experience has shown that I usually do better with the former two methods rather than the latter!

This year I'll pick one horse for each of my girls (although I may let Serena and Lauren choose their own) and a then two others one based on form and one with odds or 50-1 or more.

I always bet each way so you get more chance of getting your money back if one horse places.  e.g.  A £10 each way bet (costs £20).  If the odds are 50-1 then you can get three possible outcomes:

Horse Wins = £10 x 50 + £10 x 50/4 + £20 = £645. (£10 at full odds, £10 at quarter odds and return of full stake)

Horse comes 2nd, 3rd or 4th = £10 x 50/4 + £10 = £135. (£10 at quarter odds and return of half stake)

Horse does not come in top 4 = £0. (Nothing)


Once the bets are laid I'll write them up here.

My form in the past two years is:

2006 - Bet £100, Won £220

2007 - Bet £100, Won £432.50

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