Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I have had 3 interviews with JP Morgan and then heard nothing for nearly 3 weeks...  My agent was convinced that getting the 3rd interview made me a shoe in for the role.

I just found out that they have decided to proceed with an internal candidate.

I am both gutted and mightily p'd off.  It took them 2 months to decide that whilst keeping me hanging! 

How many jobs have I passed over because I wasn't hunting seriously for the last few weeks?


GF said...

That's a real shitter mate!

Not sure what to say on it, but surely the agent must have been getting feedback and was looking elsewhere for you in the meantime?

I guess the only learning is not to pass anything whilst waiting on answers.

Jase said...

Quite true... It was the agent who told me that the 3rd Interview pretty much guaranteed an offer, so I am p'd off at her as well!
I have other irons in the fire, but none of them are quite as nice as the JPM one.

GF said...

Yeah, can understand that mate. You'll find that the agent is p'd off too as she isn't getting her money any time soon.

Though the urgency isn't the same for her as I can imagine you're feeling right now.

Still, with other irons in the fire there is no need dwelling on it.