Monday, April 24, 2006

Oblivioned Out

Well I am having a break from Oblivion. Its turned from a great game into a frustration to me so I need a break.
I've been playing X3 again and the new patch (1.402) has really sorted out 99% of the issues I had with the game.
Having restarted after the 1.4 patch my empire is slowly growing and I have two factory complexing producing Alcohol and Crystals for much profit. The former is illegal but in high demand... the latter is just in high demand!

Dr Who on Saturday was great, although I almost wanted it to be delayed by the football going to extra time - I think I am becoming a closet Chelsea FC fan! At least they are my local Premiership Club (and will remain so until QPR get back in the top flight!).
We now know the origins of the Torchwood Institute... Clearly there is going to be serious plugging of the new Torchwood series due to start in the Autumn.


James said...

A closet Chelsea fan?? Ugh. ;-)

No no no!! You can't start supporting a club when they're *winning*. It doesn't count. You need pain, tears, and anguish before the joy. Supporting Liverpool in the 80s, Man U in teh 90s, Chelsea now. All a no-no.

PS. Sheffield United got promoted. (See, years of anguish there!!)Yay!

Jase said...

Its not so much that I support them whiost they are winning - I am a big Newcastle Fan and have been for years.
It was more that I found myself supporting Chelsea rather than Liverpool and have noticed a similar trend when the football has been on the TV.
NB Chelsea ruined our FA Cup run and could potentially stop us getting a UEFA cup spot this year, so I am not that big a fan!

James said...

Hmmm... a complex interaction there! Go on, I'll let you off. ;-)

PS. Am "forbidden to access" the Ayers Family Blog.

Jase said...

Try the family blog again? We aren't blogging you. Also try the link on Gareth's blog.

Jase said...

Erm I mean blocking not blogging!