Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dr Who and EBay Numpties

This morning I finally watched Saturday’s season opener for Season 2 of the new Dr Who. I really enjoyed it, although the papers this morning gave the story a bit of a panning. Who cares – I reckon the base story was a bit weak, but then it launched a few hooks for the future (always a bonus – Babylon 5 was the master of this) and involved a few familiar faces for those of us who watched Season 1.
I really like David Tennant as the Doctor and I think Billy Piper is becoming a great sidekick. It certainly looks like the scriptwriters have decided to give her equal billing with DT and it looks like she is capable of acting. If you haven’t watched it yet – Sorry – but I loved one of the ironic bits of dialogue. When Rose is first possessed by Cassandra she looks in the mirror and exclaims “Oh my God I am a Chav!” I had to laugh! I await more episodes with baited breath (and at least you can’t download them in advance off the net, unlike most of the US series we get)!

I am still staggered by the numpties who bid on items on EBay. I have been hunting for a few nick-nacks for a while and I know exactly how much they cost online. People consistently pay 10-20% more than the normal regular online purchase price when buying off EBay. Its as if they don’t notice that the vendor has added extra postage onto the item to bolster his profits… These people should be slapped!

Finally - do we believe Gareth when he says that he is going to try blogging again? If he does then I suppose we should relink to his website......


GF said...

I don't know mate, do we believe Gareth?

As Bob Marley once said, "...only time will tell..." :)

Oh yeah, and DT is from Paisley so of course he makes for a perfect time travelling space cadet!!

James said...

I have faith in you Gareth. I never unlinked you - unlike some people... ;-)

GF said...

Ha-ha! Yes, that's true! Thanks for the faith, I won't let you down.... :)

Jase said...

Bah Humbug!