Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Most Useful Tools

Three free tools to use before you explode!

1/  FastStone - Best Photo Gallery I have found (courtesy of Gareth) – Does Bulk renaming and resizing extremely well!

2/  MP3Tag – Fixes/Set MP3 Tags en-masse with ease and also renames the files if you choose.

3/  ReNamer – Generic File Renaming Tool – Outstanding flexibility for a bulk renaming tool where you can’t use the above two.

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Gareth said...

For MP3s I'd recommend nothing other than MusicBrainz. All you need do is enter the name of the album / artist and it does everything for you.

It often recognises the MP3s due to their digital signature so you don't even need to enter the above! The most superior tool out there.

FastStone is superb and I don't know what I'd do with out it. For more advanced photo editing, a la Photoshop, complete with layers, etc. Then go to http://www.getpaint.net a brilliant application. I'll post a few examples of what I've done with it on my blog.