Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Apart from taking up Chess again my life is so busy atm that I truly have nothing worth posting about!
Serena will update you all on the family stuff, but I haven't really had much in the way of geeky experiences or thoughts to share since Christmas!


Gareth said...

You sure you're OK mate? This reads a bit glum.

If you fancy a chat then give me a shout.

Jase said...

No I am just truly rushed off my feet at work and when I am home I want to do nothing but put my feet up or to spend time with Serena and the Girls.
I still haven't finished reinstalling my PC!!!!

Gareth said...

:) Fair enough mate, just checking all is OK.

I am the same to be honest. Re-starting my blog is good, but with little in way of time to update it and not much by way of comments from folks it starts to get ignored again!!

Oh well...