Saturday, July 12, 2008


Is my Wii Fit Age.

Considering my BMI is about 33 that is a hell of a lot better than I expected.

I'll be working to lower it as I get better / lighter / fitter.


GF said...

Mine was 33, which was kinda scarily accurate!

I've not used it in a few months though, so perhaps should get back on and see how poorly I've done.

What do you think of the it as a game / software though?

Jase said...

Serena had a bad night last night and nearly hit 50 on her Wii Fit Age, whereas I seem to have improved my balance in just 4 days, as I got my age down to 27! It can't last!

I am enjoying the Wii and the Balance Board is certainly a unique experience. We both over did things a bit on our first go on Wii Sports! I hurt my wrist doing the baseball and Serena wrenched part of her shoulder bowling!

So far I haven't had enough time to play Indy or Boom Blox (which I got free).

GF said...

You'll need to tell me what Boom Blox is like - I quite fancied that

Jase said...

I played Boom Blox last night for about 30 mins.
I completed 2% of the game according to the stats and scored 100% on accuracy.
i.e. The early part of the challenges are pretty straight forward.
I'll post more when I have had the time to get into it.
I also bought the following on EBay and am awaiting delivery:
Zelda Twilight Princess, ProEvo Soccer 2008, Red Steel, Res Evil 4 & SuperMario Galaxy. I think I just need Lego SW to complete my initial collection!

GF said...

I've got Lego SW on Wii it's superb. Played Zelda and liked it, fancy SuperMario Galaxy but not yet played. As for the others, no idea mate...

I've not played my Wii in a few months it has to be said - but do love my PS3! ;)