Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's Alive!

I can't claim that it worked first time, but after a Bios update, Windows finally recognised the fact that my motherboard had onboard sound and installed drivers for it.

I have installed all the essentials and even managed to install EQ2 and Crysis (the true essentials!).

EQ2 looks a bit better (it's an old game that can only be taken so far) but Crysis is playable (as opposed to a laggy slideshow) and looks gorgeous.

I'll try and work out some screenies.


Oh and the biggest success...

My new slipstreamed install disk for Windows XP.

My install disk is pre-SP1 and needs SATA drivers to be installed from a floppy drive (which the new PC doesn't have).

Using nLite, Nero and a lot of help from Paul Thurrott's excellent website, I made a Windows XP SP2 disk, which included the SATA drivers.  Next time I'll try and incorporate all the MoBo drivers and make it unattended as well.


GF said...

That sounds fantastic mate, be intruiged as to your thoughts / support in doing one for myself.

I assume though, I could just click the helpful link you included and find out for myself.

I'm lazy though.. ;)

GF said...

Oh, and Crysis looks good, but unless I see it moving I can't comment.

Inital thought is the PS3 still looks mind-blowingly better.... *cough*

Jase said...
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Jase said...
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Jase said...

My links are screwed....


GF said...

Wow! Sounds good, I mean if the PS3 can't handle it - and I've never seen graphics like what I have on the PS3 then wow!! (again). :)