Sunday, December 16, 2007


I'm delighted to announce that Gareth failed in his challenge to beat me at Star Wars DVD Trivial Pursuit.  It was very close, but I took the title 2 rounds to 1.  Gareth took his defeat like a man and issued a return challenge for the next get together.  I was happy to accept.

Gillian, being uninterested in Star Wars acted as question master (doing a supreme job) and then managed to pick up Gareth's spirits by steering the Scottish team to the narrowest of victories at normal DVD Trivial Pursuit.  Serena and I suffered greatly at the hands of the "Wheel of Death" on multiple occasions!

This defeat was for-ordained in a way, as Serena and I have lost before in a very similar manner to Jase and Charlotte.  They have denied us access to a rematch though!

Given time there may be some Genus III action today for the ultimate in Trivial Pursuit tests.


Jase said...

Scraped a win on the Genus III... It was close though.

GF said...

Genus III ended up being extremely close after a quick start by yourself sir.

However the true test will be full board version of SW TP and not a DVD-based game where you only need 6,9, or 12 correct answers to win...

Jase said...

I can't wait!