Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rest in Peace Robert Jordan

Julian just flagged me the news of my second favourite author's death.

I knew he was ill as I infrequently read his blog but the news that he lost his battle is very saddening.

RJ is best known for his Wheel of Time series of books, which I reread last year, back to back (books 1-11 anyway).  Previously I had gotten fed up with them as they seemed to go on forever, but reading them straight through gave the weaker books direction and purpose they seemed to lack before.

According to RJ's cousin, RJ had sat down with his family and told them the rest of the story of Rand Al'Thor and friends as a "just in case" and he had spent his last few months dictating as much as possible.  I expect someone will publish the final (1 or 2) books and I will read them, but I suspect that the ghost writer won't quite be the same.

You will be missed!

PS  George R R Martin - if you are reading this - you had better not die!

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