Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So what have I been doing recently?

Job hunting (obviously)...  I have had 4 interviews (no rejections yet) in the last 7 days and beyond that it has been family duties with Lauren's birthday parties.

I did manage to squeeze in The Bourne Ultimatum on Friday.  It was OK as films go, no better or worse then the previous two incarnations - a 7/10.  I did enjoy the trailer for Shoot 'em Up.  Now this looks like a fun film!

Here is the 18 certificate trailer:


Serena finally finishes work on Friday (although her bosses keep sending her home early) and we have the final scan tomorrow - so we will know if it is going to be an elective C-Section or an attempt at a normal delivery.


GF said...

Love the Motley Crue soundtrack to the trailer!!... :))

PS. Did Lauren's gift arrive safely?

Lauren said...

Yes Fankoooo!

GF said...

Ha-ha!! That's alright, GK was beginning to get nervous that she'd got the address wrong that was all.... :)